New Sybase Initiative Helps Developers Exploit Cloud Computing

Sybase, Inc. has announced an initiative targeting developers that will enable enterprises to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud computing model to develop, test and deploy various classes of applications including transactional, analytics and mobile applications using Sybase server infrastructure.

In addition, Sybase is working with hardware and software industry leaders to integrate and optimize server, storage and I/O virtualization that will enable organizations to exploit both public and private cloud environments.

"Sybase's ability to deliver flexible software solutions and infrastructure as business needs evolve has been one of the central themes of our Unwired Enterprise vision," observes Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Sybase, in the company's announcement of the new cloud-focused opportunities. "Our cloud computing initiative provides customers with yet another enterprise-ready approach to data management, complex analytics and data mobility, enabling business-critical information to be delivered anytime and anywhere."

To accelerate the adoption of enterprise class public cloud computing environments, Sybase is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, Inc., to enable customers to utilize Sybase software in Amazon EC2 environments. Sybase plans to make Amazon Machine Images (AMI), developer guides and developer software for its server products freely available for development and testing. By supporting AWS, Sybase will enable application migration between public and private clouds to help meet service level agreement (SLA) requirements. In addition, by working with Amazon, Sybase plans to establish flexible utility computing pricing models of its software to enable pay-per-use billing.

Moreover, Sybase is addressing the enterprise requirement to integrate database workloads with server and storage virtualization on private cloud environments to gain greater resource utilization. As part of its overall strategy, Sybase is working with vendors including Symantec and its Veritas Storage Foundation to optimize Sybase's Virtualized Resource Management (VRM) technology framework found in ASE Cluster Edition for this storage environment to build robust and reliable cloud computing environments.

To provide more information on Symantec and its Veritas Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE Cluster Edition solution, Sybase and Symantec are holding a joint webcast on Thursday, June 4. For more information about Sybase's support of Amazon's Web Services, go here.