New Tableau 8.1 Speeds Business Analytics

Tableau Software has announced the general availability of Tableau 8.1 an update to the Tableau 8.0 major release. The update provides new features for the enterprise, sophisticated analytics, and more interactivity on the web and for mobile devices. The update also provides users with rich analytics by integrating with the open source statistics program, R.

New Tableau 8.1 features include support for enterprise class deployments with a full 64-bit product suite, SAML authentication, support for external load balancers, and IPv6 support.

The ability to create dashboards is easier with new quick filter customizations, transparency support, an improved presentation mode and the ability to copy sheets between workbooks. 

The new release also places strong emphasis on providing sophisticated analytics to all users with one-click box-and-whisker plots, forecasts with confidence intervals, new rank and percentile functions, and integration with R.

Supporting web and mobile interactivity, the new release allows users to answer more questions on the go with an enhanced web authoring mode and improved mobile tablet apps, including a new version for Android that allows users to edit views on the fly. And, to improve data access, there are also upgrades to data connectors and stored procedure support.    

More information about Tableau 8.1 is available at