New Templates Feature Transforms Entrinsik Informer

The newest addition to Informer 5.8 is Templates and it represents a significant evolution in how users interact with and extract value from their data.

With Templates, the process of transforming raw data into visually appealing and tailored outputs becomes effortless, according to Entrinsik.

Whether a users’ preference lies in the crisp precision of PDFs or the dynamic versatility of HTML, Templates empower users to craft pixel-perfect, customizable outputs that align perfectly with their unique requirements.

Between Templates and Jobs feature within Informer 5.8, a level of workflow automation is achieved that was previously unparalleled, according to the company.

Seamlessly create complex data-handling tasks with unmatched efficiency. Users can focus on decision-making and creative insights, while the robust backbone of Informer 5 takes care of the rest.

Taking data and sharing with in an easily understandable format is a common problem that many organizations face. In Informer 5, Templates solve this problem by allowing users to create a customizable PDF or HTML with their data.

Using the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor lets users create a Template without writing any code. The editor handles the HTML coding, so users can focus on the visual design, simplifying Template creation, and making it accessible to all users, even those without technical skills.

With a few clicks, anyone can create an attractive layout and insert their data from any of their Datasets allowing anyone to easily understand whatever you wish to convey.

Where the Templates feature really comes alive is when it is combined with Informer’s Jobs. Combining Templates and Jobs allows users to create visually striking and easy-to-understand outputs of their data that can be automatically updated and used in any Job including email and email burst, saving to a file system, and more.

Entrinsik is continually working on ways to simplify the Templates experience, including adding an upcoming AI assistant that can be used to create Template outlines in a few seconds.

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