New Tool Helps Round Out Mainframe Analysis and Auditing Projects

Axios Products, Inc., has announced the availability of RefWiz History, an analysis tool that identifies active jobs and programs in the mainframe environment, critical for conversion, migration, consolidation, and audit projects. RefWiz History is a standalone component of the main RefWiz application analysis product suite launched last September, Rachel Rodriguez, marketing manager of Axios, tells 5 Minute Briefing. It is intended to allow customers to save analysis time, and assure them that their analysis and auditing processes are more complete.

"We are seeing so many organizations performing or planning auditing projects, doing conversions and migrations and we know that the analysis for these projects can be overwhelming because there is just so much data and so many programs to analyze," Rodriguez explains.

According to the company, the concept for RefWiz History began during Y2K, based on the need to identify active jobs and programs for compliance verification. Many organizations had obsolete jobs and programs in their production libraries, and wasted valuable time converting these jobs and programs, only to find that they either couldn't be run because the necessary input files didn't exist, or they simply weren't needed anymore. The purpose of RefWiz History is to identify active jobs and programs and provide details as to when jobs were last run, whether active jobs contain specific programs, and when jobs and programs were changed. "RefWiz History will save significant analysis time," states Rodriguez.

RefWiz History is comprised of three components: Online History, Schedule History, and Change History.  RefWiz Online History captures all CICS map and program usage history and tracks that history, allowing users to quickly see maps and programs that are used and those that are obsolete.   RefWiz Schedule History creates an easily accessible historical record of batch job executions, allowing users to identify active and inactive batch jobs, and long-running jobs.  If available, information from the TWS Audit File can be used to replace or supplement the SMF data used to track job executions. RefWiz Change History is a comprehensive source audit tool that captures the date that program source was last changed, and has a cumulative record of all changes made to members in production source, copy and macro libraries-to help quickly locate the cause of an error. In addition to PDS and PDSE libraries, RefWiz Change History supports the Endevor, Panvalet, and SCLM change management products.

In addition to the standard reports RefWiz History provides, all data is available in open format for custom report development and PC download for further analysis. RefWiz runs under all versions of z/OS. For more information, go here.