New Unisys-Hosted Solution Provides Customers with Secure Private Cloud Tailored to Their Business

Unisys has announced Unisys Hosted Secure Private Cloud Solution, the latest addition to the growing list of Unisys cloud solutions and services. Managed in a Unisys client services center, the Hosted Secure Private Cloud Solution gives clients the primary benefit of a provider-hosted cloud - fast access to IT resources to address dynamic changes in business requirements without purchasing additional infrastructure.

According to Unisys, key advantages of the new hosted solution are that it gives clients tight control over which business assets are shared in the cloud as well as the ability to comply more easily with regulatory requirements.

"Many organizations are looking for the cost efficiency and flexibility of cloud computing, and prefer a private cloud for the enhanced security and control over assets it can provide," notes Sam Gross, vice president, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions, Unisys. "Drawing on Unisys expertise in IT outsourcing and managed services, our new Hosted Secure Private Cloud Solution gives our clients a way to implement a new kind of private cloud environment that is both practical and cost-efficient for their business."

The Unisys Hosted Secure Private Cloud solution dedicates a specific set of IT infrastructure resources - computing, storage, network and, if required, middleware - to each client. By making use of cloud automation, clients can add IT resources, such as virtual or physical hosts, for their private cloud within minutes. Clients pay only for the services they use, when they use them, so they can avoid the expense of assets that might not be fully utilized in an internal private cloud.

In addition, clients of the Hosted Secure Private Cloud Solution can use Unisys Stealth Solution to provide an extra level of security for business information. Using specialized technology, the Stealth Solution cloaks data from detection as it moves across the network.

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