New Unisys Solutions Give Telecom Services Providers and Subscribers Greater Flexibility in Managing Voice Mail

Unisys has announced additions to its family of voice-messaging solutions that enable telecommunications services providers to host a greater number of services more efficiently and give mobile subscribers new options for reaching contacts and accessing their voice messages. Anchoring the solutions is the VSE Model 412 server, the newest member of the Unisys VoiceSource Express (VSE) 400 Series of messaging and converged user services platforms. Unisys also introduced new software-based solutions that make managing voice messages simpler for subscribers using smartphones and less fully configured feature phones.

"Unisys continues to invest in voice-messaging solutions that enable carriers both to add revenue-generating services providing greater convenience for mobile subscribers and to control operating costs," said Steven Chuey, vice president, Global Solution Management, Unisys. "With the VSE 412 and our new voice solutions, we are delivering an innovative, mission-critical platform that gives our communications clients new ways to accommodate business growth and provide flexibility in delivering voice services."

The VSE 412 is the first member of the VSE family to use Unisys' secure partitioning
(s-Par) architecture, an enterprise-class virtualization technology developed for Unisys ClearPath systems based on Intel processors. Each VSE 412 system can support up to 3 million voice users. The system can be configured into partitions, each of which can host multiple virtual resources. Users have flexibility in configuring the partitions - using all to host voice-messaging solutions, or dedicating some to production capabilities and others to test/development. In an s-Par-based server, each partition is the equivalent of a freestanding system, with communications among all components occurring at memory speed - faster than they would over conventional network connections. Virtual servers do not need to be managed independently and a failure in one partition does not affect another, creating a highly secure, reliable, cost-efficient environment.

The new software-based messaging solutions can run on all components of the Unisys VSE 400 Series product line. They are:

  • Unisys Visual Voicemail solutions, which enable a subscriber to listen directly to a voice message without having to go through a message envelope or an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Visual Voicemail for Smart Clients - for iPhones, OMTP-compliant devices and select additional smartphones - enables voice and text messages to be delivered to and stored on the device. Visual Voicemail Text for feature phones and smartphones enables a subscriber to click on a text notification for each inbound message and listen directly to the message.
  • Unisys Call Me Now, which allows a subscriber to receive an SMS alert when a person they have previously called becomes available on the network. This solution enables timelier subscriber communication and also maximizes call completion for the service provider.
  • Unisys Never Lost Message allows callers to leave an ad hoc message for a called party who does not have voicemail activated. The called party receives an MMS with the message and is able to directly listen to that message without going through an IVR or message envelope. Alternatively, the called party can receive an SMS message with the voicemail message converted to text. This service increases call completion without requiring a subscription.