New Version of IBM Blockchain Platform is Optimized for Red Hat OpenShift

To enable the building of blockchain networks anywhere, IBM has introduced a new version of the IBM Blockchain Platform software which is optimized to deploy on Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform.

Announced in Blockchain Pulse, IBM's blockchain blog, the company says the updated platform gives users more flexibility when choosing where to deploy their blockchain network components, whether on-premise, in public clouds, or in hybrid cloud architectures.  

According to IBM the blockchain platform, together with Red Hat OpenShift, provides blockchain software, services, tools and sample codes for building, operating, governing, and growing a blockchain network. The combined offering enables users to containerize smart contracts, peers, certificate authorities, and ordering services and deploy them within their preferred environments.

In addition, IBM says, the tooling of the platform delivers additional value around the Linux Foundation’s open source Hyperledger Fabric. The platform generates artifacts that are 100% compatible with the Hyperledger Fabric. This enables interoperation with other vendors that provide Hyperledger Fabric-based products, services, and solutions.

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