New Version of Idera’s SQL diagnostic manager Now Available

Idera, a provider of management and administration solutions for Microsoft Windows Servers, has announced the latest version of SQL diagnostic manager, 6.0. The tool is a SQL Server performance and monitoring solution that minimizes costly server downtime by providing agent-less, real-time monitoring and customizable alerts for fast diagnosis and remediation of SQL Server performance issues. With this version, according to the vendor, DBAs can now more confidently ensure the performance and availability of their SQL Server environments while reducing administration overhead.

The new release features automated problem resolution and alert integration (to automatically take corrective action in response to receiving an alert), reports 2.0 (a new reporting interface), monitoring of mirrored database environments (monitor mirrored databases and notify users of changes in role or performance issues affecting their mirroring environment), and a Windows PowerShell snap-in (to quickly and easily script many of the SQL diagnostic manager management tasks using the new Microsoft PowerShell scripting language).

SQL diagnostic manager "is an intelligent tool that learns from a server's performance history and assigns a personality profile to each server," Rick Pleczko, president and CEO of Idera, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Based on these profiles, it generates server-specific alerts that define anomalies relative to each server's unique characteristics and not against some generic performance definition. Additionally, with the PowerShell snap-in, DBAs can automate many of the management tasks without the need to use a GUI tool, thereby saving time and improving productivity."

The new reporting interface has many capabilities including the creation of enterprise and server summary reports, forecasting reports, interactive drill-down, automatic integration with SQL Server Reporting Services, and Email Delivery Scheduling.

Separately, Idera and FalconStor Software announced a sales and marketing partnership to deliver backups and restores of deduplicated Microsoft SharePoint sites. The Idera SharePoint backup product enables the backup and recovery of individual files without requiring an entire site rebuild. This capability has now been combined with the FalconStor File-interface Deduplication System which extends deduplication benefits to SharePoint users.

For more information about Idera and the new SQL diagnostic manager, go here.