New Version of Logi Info Introduces Self-Service Reporting and Dashboards

One issue for business users when using big data is efficiency. To work with the data many users have to rely on a system of multiple computer programs, as well as IT professionals, and data scientists. This approach can become time consuming and inefficient for the business user.

Simple tasks that the user could process in minutes sometimes take days because it has to go through multiple channels of programs and people who most likely have something more important that they are doing at the time. To help simplify the process for the user with self-service BI tools, Logi Analytics has announced the latest version of its business intelligence platform Logi Info.

“People want to get information, they want to get answers quicker.  It is very hard to do.  Self-service has been around for a while, but it never seems to deliver on its promise.  Largely, that is because we are mismatching people and their capabilities with the tool sets and information they need,” explained Brian Brinkmann, VP of Product for Logi Analytics.

The new release of Logi Info allows for the business users to access the data with a set of easy to use tools that allows them to manipulate the data.  “We spent a lot of time with our designers to match the appropriate set of tools with the business user so that they can be successful,” stated Brinkmann.

Two of the key features are the shareability of data and the ability to embed the platform. Taking inspiration from Google Docs, Logi Info allows users to share reports and dashboards they create with other users in their organization to enable better collaboration and communication. In addition, security features ensure that users see only the data they are authorized to view.  

For flexibility, Logi Info can be a standalone tool that customers use, or Logi Info can be embedded into their own tools for analytics within another application.

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