New Version of LookupPoint for Oracle E-Business Suite

A new version of LookupPoint for Oracle E-Business Suite was showcased by Spanish Point Technologies at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. "The majority of information workers spend the majority of time in Microsoft Office. Yet the majority of enterprise information is in back-end business systems like Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP," Donal Cullen, CEO, told 5 Minute Briefing. "Our big idea was to bring those two worlds together so that the users who were in Microsoft Office could get at the enterprise business system in the tool that they spend the majority of their time in, and that is what LookupPoint is about."

In addition, this latest version enables information aggregation from on-premise Oracle database systems and applications in the cloud, allowing organizations to create consolidated views of information from cloud application such as and on-premise enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite. These views are then presented to users through the LookupPoint / Microsoft Office interface.

The new version of LookupPoint supports web services and REST-based interfaces as data providers, adding to the existing Oracle database, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server data providers. With this version, organizations can build information views from any combination of providers.

"As businesses migrate to cloud-based services, they will have a hybrid of on-premise and cloud-based applications, and their users will have a need to access information in both on-premise and cloud-based systems," said Cullen. "With LookupPoint, they can build an aggregated view of information from these systems, and provide users with an aggregated view - right in the tool that they spend the majority of their working day in, which is Microsoft Office."

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