New Version of MemSQL Ops Advances Creation of Real-Time Data Pipelines with Spark and Python

MemSQL, provider of real-time databases for transactions and analytics, today announced the latest version of MemSQL Ops which accelerates the use of Spark with Spark SQL pushdowns, allows for in-browser Python programming in MemSQL Streamliner, and provides automatic memory provisioning with the introduction of support for NUMA.

A key advancement is the use of Spark SQL pushdowns, according to MemSQL, because as a general purpose core engine, Spark is well suited for data analysis and model development, but it is not purpose built for SQL queries. With the addition of Spark SQL pushdowns customers can now combine the performance of Spark with the speed of MemSQL, a SQL-focused engine. Spark SQL pushdowns allow for SQL queries to run on Spark inside of MemSQL, which is optimized for SQL and transactional queries. By bringing the computation directly to the data, MemSQL further increases the effectiveness of Spark and provides even faster analytics. To continue to drive the value of Spark, MemSQL now also supports Spark 1.5, the most stable version for running in production environments with 2x speed of Spark 1.4.

And, with the addition of in-browser Python programming, sculpting and deploying real-time data pipelines has never been easier. Python programming support is now part of the Apache Spark project, allowing users to execute Python code in Spark. Growing in popularity for its ease of use and clarity of syntax among database administrators, application developers, and data scientists, MemSQL is adding Python because it offers the ability to code inline in the browser versus having to compile a separate program within Scala for example. The addition of Python opens Streamliner for many to code in their preferred language.

And finally, with this release, MemSQL Ops will automatically provision clusters for maximum performance on NUMA-based users. NUMA support provisions memory access on large machines, which makes users more strategic about where their data is stored. This provides increased efficiency on larger servers to maximize potential. From queries run, to data stored, MemSQL enables users with the fastest options available.

These latest enhancements allow for faster queries, increased user opportunities, and efficient data storage, providing more rapid results and larger business value for all MemSQL users.

“At MemSQL we solve hard problems, and we do that by bringing the latest and most innovative technologies into our core database in rapid fashion,” said Eric Frenkiel, co-founder and CEO, MemSQL. Our mission is to deliver technology that keeps pace with advances across the open source ecosystem and that appeals to the programming community at large. Our ability to push out monthly releases is validation of that commitment and this latest release is no exception. It’s superb in its execution on Spark and offers more choice in coding methodology.”

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