New Version of SAP Sybase Replication Server Satisfies Mission-Critical Needs

A new version of SAP Sybase Replication Server is planned to provide high-performance, secure and reliable delivery of data across the enterprise. SAP Sybase Replication Server satisfies a range of mission-critical needs, including gathering real-time business intelligence and recovering from disaster. Repliction Server version 15.7.1 SP100 will be generally available May 31.

The latest release will replicate data in real time from multiple sources into multiple instances of SAP HANA — without disrupting or slowing the production applications at the source — while transactional consistency is preserved. It will also provide real-time log-based changed data capture (CDC) for SAP Data Services software, allowing customers to gain business insights in real time.

SAP Sybase Replication Server aims to empower transactional replication, helping ensure that only consistent, accurate and reliable data is distributed to and synchronized between multiple locations. Replication Server supports business continuity, data migration and loading BI for organizations using the SAP HANA database.

“SAP Sybase Replication Server provides a unique log-based, real time, low impact, and transactional replication solution for SAP HANA and real-time changed data capture for SAP Data Services to provide customers with a single solution for real-time data purposing,” Bill Zhang, director of Product Management, SAP, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Both solutions are turning operational data into the right data for business user consumption in real-time BI analytics and applications necessary to achieve improved business performance.”

To learn more, visit the SAP Sybase Replication Server page on SAP Community Network