New Vitria Apps Track and Analyze IT Operations

Vitria Technology, Inc. has introduced five new data analytics apps simplify and accelerate real-time business activity monitoring (BAM) in the cloud. According to Dale Skeen, Vitria, co-founder and CTO, the company’s singular focus is operational intelligence. The latest apps allow business users to track and trace operational activity across applications and organizational silos in real-time and then take immediate action on the uncovered insights, so they can run their businesses better and analyze and predict what their customers are doing so they can improve the customer experience, Skeen noted. 

“We have found that one of the most important things is to have a wide variety of data sources so you can connect the dots. It could be machine-generated data, sensor data, data coming from the IT networks and systems, social data, and other internet data, but in addition to that, business level data that is generated internally by applications as well as partner data,” he said.  “All of these constitute important data sources. Each data source has value but to achieve the most value you want to correlate this data together and that is something we do very well.”

According to the company, the data analytics apps allow business users to uncover, analyze, and act on actual business activity patterns helping them tackle supply chain challenges, fraudulent financial transactions, delayed order fulfillment and shipments, online customer service issues, and suspicious people of interest in real-time, before a customer or the broader organization is affected.

“Businesses want to track their processes and operational activities in order to ensure the best running of their business and the best service to their customers,” said Skeen. “Business activity monitoring tracks and traces what is going on with different processes and transactions and puts together a picture that show you exactly what is happening and what is in trouble and what is going well.”

The five Vitria OI Apps includeThe Activity Discovery App, which lets enterprises quickly detect and analyze business patterns in real-time – typical paths, exception paths, and bottlenecks - from live streams of data to proactively speed corrective action. It helps business users visualize and analyze each transaction or activity as it unfolds.

The Activity Tracker App, which simplifies tracking activity that spans businesses and application silos, allowing business users to leverage a “discovered” activity pattern or map out the major business milestones that they want to monitor in real-time, delivering visibility into end-to-end processes.

The KPI Builder App which makes it easier for data analysts and power users to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) over streaming data, and helps them see trends, predict problems, and optimize outcomes using the auto-generated dashboards.

The Dashboard Builder App, which lets users create and share interactive and intuitive live dashboards.

The Stream Builder App, which lets business users access live streams of data for immediate analysis and action.

The new apps are available as a cloud-based subscription  service or on-premise service, and Vitria is inviting companies to try the solution in the cloud at To learn more about Vitria, visit