New Webinar to Focus on Dealing Effectively with Big Data - Wednesday, Nov. 30

The age of big data is upon us - and it is here to stay, but few organizations today are fully capable of accessing the full scope of big data. They lack the flexible, scalable data infrastructure needed to exploit big data for critical business insights that translate into competitive advantages.

In a well-written, well-tuned application, more than 90% of data access time is spent in middleware. And the data connectivity middleware plays a critical role in the growing requirements regarding high-performance import and export of data bulk loads.

This webinar will cover a number of bulk load use case scenarios including data warehousing; data migration; data replication; disaster recovery; and cloud data publication. Once enterprise organizations effectively satisfy the bulk data access requirements for these use cases, they can simplify the data access architecture; save important resources for other tasks; and improve operational performance. Discover how to deal effectively with big data in this webinar sponsored by Progress DataDirect on Wednesday, November 30, at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET.

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