New Xplenty Offering Enables Data Analysis on Amazon S3

Xplenty, a data integration cloud platform, is releasing a new offering that will enable users to query and analyze data directly on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

“We found many of our clients are querying and accessing the raw data stored on Amazon S3,” said Yaniv Mor, CEO and co-founder of Xplenty. “Until now there haven’t been any decent options to do that in an interactive fashion.”

The new offering, dubbed Analytics-as-a-Service or “A3S,” will provide Xplenty users with the capability to use Amazon’s object-based storage repository (Amazon S3) on the cloud to quickly access the data through SQL or any other Business Intelligence (BI) or reporting tool.

Additionally, A3S will allow quick and easy querying, scalability, affordability, is compatible with existing BI Infrastructure, and has the ability to sync with Xplenty’s ETL.

“It’s very scalable so that querying capability allows you query really small data or really big data using SQL terminology which also makes it much easier and very accessible,” Mor said.

Analysts and data scientists will benefit from this new solution, according to Mor.

“Data scientists and analysts will benefit from this ability to access raw data as opposed to processed data,” Mor said. “You maintain the ability to query the raw data in itself.”

Though offered in closed beta right now, the solution will be widely available in the coming months.

Plans to expand the solution’s analytical or reporting capabilities are being considered for future releases, according to Mor.  “A3S gives users the benefits of incredibly cost-effective interactive querying capabilities on top of the Amazon S3 data lake on the cloud,” Mor said.”The addition to Xplenty’s service not only improves users processing capabilities, but also underscores our dedication to a hassle-free data preparation environment that can tackle a vast array of tasks for businesses of all sizes.”

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