New expressor Release Features Integration with Melissa Data and

The latest version of expressor software's flagship data integration platform, expressor 3.5, features cloud integration with Melissa Data's Data Quality Tools and to provide comprehensive BI reporting and CRM integration with on premises applications.

With expressor 3.5 customers can verify and enrich customer contact data via Melissa Data's Web-based data quality tools for improved accuracy; map external source or target data formats to built-in and custom Salesforce record formats (objects) such as Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, and Accounts; migrate existing prospect and customer data from legacy systems and data stores into Salesforce; integrate and import data from various operational systems - such as order entry, HR, or accounting system - into Salesforce on a regular basis to enrich the data in Salesforce and keep it up-to-date; and graphically extract Salesforce data and augment it with other data such as product and sales data for comprehensive BI reporting.

The salesforce integration is important to customers, Dr. Michael Waclawiczek, vice president of marketing and product management of expressor software, tells 5 Minute Briefing, because "there is a need in certain instances to bring data into salesforce from different systems, and the basic data load capability in salesforce is insufficient to provide that level of support."  In addition, the ability to extract data and filter and merge it with other information is also a very important requirement, he adds. expressor 3.5 makes it easy to integrate with built-in and custom data objects that exist within Salesforce CRM applications, with no coding or scripting required,  says Waclawiczek.

The Melissa Data offering is complementary to the offerings, adds Wiquar Chaudry, product manager at expressor. Many customers have data for example in Excel spreadsheets that they move back and forth from their spreadsheets into and much of it requires validation and cleansing. Expressor has some strong built-in cleansing capabilities, says Chaudry, which allow users to specify what a valid record is and isn't. "And then we couple that with what Melissa Data has to offer and can say, if this is a valid record in terms of address, is it valid in terms of formatting? That is something that Melissa Data is very good at, and because we are able to bundle that, we can create a very good offering for our customer base."

The new and Melissa Data capabilities ship with expressor 3.5 Desktop Edition and Standard Edition.

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