NewSQL Vendor NuoDB Adds Enhancements for Windows Users

NuoDB, Inc., a provider of a cloud data management system offering SQL compliance and guaranteed ACID transactions, has introduced the NuoDB Starlings Release 1.1. 

Following on from its 1.0 release in January, NuoDB's Starlings Release 1.1 focuses on overall usability in three key areas, Seth Proctor, NuoDB chief architect, tells DBTA. The enhancements focus on greater Microsoft Windows support, general performance and stability, and an improved development and management experience in the web console, says Proctor.

Microsoft enhancements

With the new release, developers can now build and deploy elastically scalable, high performance .NET applications for their on-premise and cloud environments using standard Microsoft tools and frameworks. 

“We have been really interested in the strong response we have gotten from the Windows enterprise community,” says Proctor. This is a community that feels underserved at this point by the web, NoSQL, and cloud companies, he notes.  As a result he notes, NuoDB worked hard to improve the Windows experience and provide the capabilities that a Windows users would expect in a first-class Windows application.

The 1.1 release provides 64-bit support for Windows Server, Windows 7 and 8. “Now we are a full-64 bit product on Windows just like we are on Linux and Mac,” says  Proctor. There is full support for Visual Studio 2012, LINQ and Entity Framework for a more integrated developer experience; a full native .NET driver; and Azure compatibility for running/deploying NuoDB easily in the cloud.

Productivity and performance Improvements

The new release provides a 33% increase in scale-out performance, and 20%-50% improvement for heavy workloads. In addition, it provides built-in schema browsing and querying for integrated SQL development and database demand-simulation tools, including an example e-commerce schema and configurable load scenarios for improved provisioning of both predictable and unpredictable web traffic.

“Over the next few weeks we will be publishing benchmarks and scale numbers that we have been measuring,” Proctor says.

User experience improvements

“A big part of what it means to be cloud-scale is simplicity and agility,” says Proctor.  “We put a lot of work in the 1.1 release into a really nice clean single point of development and management from the web console.”

For improved productivity, a new NuoDB DevCenter offers a central location for all NuoDB developer resources, now integrated with the NuoDB Console, and SQL Explorer is fully integrated into the NuoDB Console.

In addition, the NuoDB Starlings Release 1.1 delivers an advanced architecture for performing real-time operational analytics.  Users can use a single database for variable workloads that involve OLTP and real-time operational analytics. 

These three main areas of improvement in the 1.1 release come under the umbrella, says Proctor, “of making sure that we are responding to what we are hearing from our customers and providing a powerful, clean, easy to use and scalable product.”

NuoDB is available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. For more information about the company, go to