NewSQL Vendor NuoDB Announces Beta Program for New Database Migration Tool

NuoDB, provider of a NewSQL database, has announced the beta program for a new tool that facilitates migration from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and Oracle RDBMSs. The migration tool is open source and available for free download on the NuoDB DevCenter  or on GitHub.

When moving a typical single server database, NuoDB says there is often 100% completeness in the migration. The company says completeness for migrating larger databases has been in the 80-100% range on internal NuoDB testing with customer data.

“Our new migration tool eliminates the risk associated with moving a database from a traditional platform to NuoDB. Now customers have a graceful, reliable means of migrating to a modern, high-performance, elastically scalable alternative. When making the move, customers will still benefit from the safety and familiarity of SQL and ACID guarantees of NuoDB,” stated Barry Morris, co-founder and CEO of NuoDB, Inc.

More information about NuoDB is available here