NewSQL Vendor NuoDB Unveils Starlings Release 1.2 with Features and Performance Enhancements

NuoDB has announced the last release of its current product version and a technology preview of some upcoming second-generation features available later in 2013.  The preview is contained in the free download of the new NuoDB Starlings Release 1.2.

“We have been out in the market now for all of this year, the product has matured, and so what you are seeing in the 1.2 release is a lot of customer feedback, features and performance that are related to maturity and then some enhancements,” said Barry Morris, founder and CEO of NuoDB, in an interview.

The NewSQL approach is gaining greater acceptance, he noted. “What people are saying back to us is that they are getting all of the features of NoSQL without throwing SQL or transactions away. And that concept is becoming the popular notion of what NewSQL is.”

In terms of enhancements the most visible is a server side programming model, previewing in the 1.2 release, which in database terms is called stored procedures, Morris said. 

“The pluggable server side programming model allows you to move logic into the database system and that gives you the ability to scale out your logic as well as your data. That is a very powerful capability and in this release what you are seeing is a classical SQL-based stored procedure language but the model supports a range of other languages that will come in the future including things like Java and .NET.”

Additional features address the need to readily migrate databases to NuoDB - MySQL in particular - and that includes a migration tool, says Morris. Along with that, there is a tool that allows users to do live replication. “As you get changes to the MySQL database, those are replicated into NuoDB so you have got a fully scale-out cloud-based copy of your data sitting in a modern database system alongside your MySQL system.”

In addition, there is broad support for modern programming languages. NuoDB which has had support for Java and .NET, adds support for Ruby, Python and PHP, as well as the Django web application framework.

Release 1.2 and the technology preview can be downloaded at

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