Next Bolsters its Data Loss and Insider Threat Platform with Contextualized Insights

Next DLP, the insider risk and data protection company, is offering a new capability—Activity Feed—for its Reveal platform, a platform that detects data exfiltration and loss to increase operational efficiency with contextual knowledge. The launch of Activity Feed helps data protection and insider risk teams cut through the multi-platform noise with a consolidated stream of actionable, contextual information, according to Next.

To help reduce the time and cost of investigating data loss and insider threats, Activity Feed offers a holistic view of the user, data, and device activity, based on its time sequence before, after, and during an incident. This rapid access to contextualized data empowers analysts to respond to threats with greater agility and accuracy, ultimately boosting their overall observability prowess.

With the Reveal platform now amplified by Activity Feed, Next customers benefit from fine-grained, contextualized information that is mapped to the MITRE Insider Threat Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) Knowledge Base.

In a time of security talent shortage, Reveal with Activity Feed helps analysts get the full picture of any incident with ease, according to the company.

“By now, most organizations recognize that insider risk poses the most significant threat to their sensitive data. But truly internalizing that fact means working proactively to detect those threats as quickly as possible—before they spiral out of control,” said John Stringer, head of product at Next DLP. “With Activity Feed, organizations can stop wasting time trying to correlate information across multiple DLP, IRM, and SIEM tools and instead face potential threats head-on in a single, unified activity stream with essential employee privacy and audit controls built-in.”

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