Next Pathway Offers Crawler360 to Simplify Cloud Migration

Next Pathway Inc., the Automated Cloud Migration company, is providing the next generation of its cloud migration planning technology, Crawler360, offering enterprise customers a way to migrate their legacy data warehouses and data lakes to modern cloud platforms.

Crawler360 scans data pipelines, database applications, and BI tools to automatically capture the end-to-end data lineage of the legacy environment.

By doing so, Crawler360 defines relationships across siloed applications to understand their interdependencies, identifies redundant data sets that have swelled over time to find opportunities for consolidation, and pinpoints "hot and cold spots" to define which workloads to prioritize for migration.

"Enterprise customers realize the cloud will help to address many of their key business imperatives and drivers, but migrating legacy systems efficiently is a complex task," said Chetan Mathur, chief executive officer at Next Pathway. "The reason we developed Crawler360 was to simplify migration planning, by enabling customers to define the most efficient, cost effective and expedient migration path to modern platforms like Snowflake and AWS Redshift."

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