Next Pathway Provides Self-Service Version of its Cloud Migration Suite

Next Pathway Inc., the Automated Cloud Migration company, is rolling out a self-service version of its SHIFT Migration Suite. Putting SHIFT directly in the hands of customers will ultimately make it faster, easier, and cheaper for enterprises to jumpstart cloud migration projects—including planning, code migration and cutover—with just a few clicks, according to the vendor.  

The new self-service version of SHIFT simplifies the power of automating migrations from legacy data analytics solutions. 

SHIFT automatically migrates code from the most common legacy sources, including; Apache Hadoop, Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum, and SQL Server; and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools like Informatica and DataStage, to a variety of prominent cloud targets, including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, and Yellowbrick.

"Because legacy data solutions simply don't meet the needs of the modern enterprise, streamlining cloud migrations is our key focus," said Chetan Mathur, CEO at Next Pathway. "By automating and simplifying the migration process, we're empowering Next Pathway customers to get the most out of their enterprise data—and our new self-service offering means that SHIFT users can leverage modern cloud data platforms to achieve a faster ROI."

A free registration process enables new and existing customers to use  SHIFT immediately, via an easy-to-use GUI that allows for uploading of legacy databases and ETL code for rapid analysis.

Users can then specify their desired source and target platforms and subsequently trigger code translation.

With just a few clicks, SHIFT self-service customers can translate their on-premises workloads by themselves, without consuming IT resources or engaging third-party consultants.

Clients that sign up for the new self-service version of SHIFT will also receive a free SHIFT Analyzer report that catalogs legacy code and offers important insights to enable effective migration planning.

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