Next Pathway’s Collaboration with Microsoft Enables Automated Code Translation for Legacy Data into Microsoft Azure

Next Pathway is announcing an exciting partnership with Microsoft for expedited legacy data warehouse and data lake migration to Microsoft Azure through SHIFT Migration Suite. The suite is composed of several programs which allow for efficient and comprehensive legacy data migration into Azure, according to the vendor. Next Pathway’s automated code translation will eradicate challenges for companies with cloud application transitions.

SHIFT Migration Suite consists of two programs, SHIFT Analyzer and SHIFT Translator, which enable accelerated review and transition into Azure. With SHIFT Analyzer, users will receive a holistic overview of source legacy application workloads, which will then be translated, tested, and migrated by SHIFT Translator. Complex workloads like SQL, Stored Procedures, and ETL pipelines/workflows can be processed with greater efficiency due to Next Pathway’s suite, according to the vendor

Migration from various cloud systems and warehouses will be available with SHIFT, providing a comprehensive transition into Azure. SHIFT will also have the capability for legacy ETL pipeline translation to run natively in Azure Data Factory (ADF), providing cloud-based data integration for data-driven workflow generation and automated data flow and transformation.

"At Next Pathway we are continuously innovating to make it easier, and faster for our customers to migrate to the cloud.  We are extremely excited to be working with Microsoft", said Chetan Mathur, CEO at Next Pathway.

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