Nimble Charges Up Adaptive Flash Platform

Nimble Storage is updating its Adaptive Flash platform, to better address the requirements posed by varying workloads across performance, capacity, data protection, and reliability.

“We are introducing a feature that is referred to as an all-flash service level,” said Radhika Krishnan, vice president of product marketing and alliances at Nimble. “What it allows customers to do is to turn the dial and be able to deliver the same levels of performance and availability as an all-flash system without having to incur the cost and complexity of an all-flash platform.”

The platform introduces the ability to deliver an all-flash service level for applications with stringent requirements around responsiveness, an auto-flash service level for mainstream applications, and a disk-only service level for applications requiring low-cost capacity, all within a single storage platform.

Additional capabilities include software-based encryption and a REST API-based extensibility framework.

“Keeping in mind that large enterprise customers not only want to protect their data, they want to secure their data, we are offering them a software-based encryption,” Krishnan said. “Data also stays encrypted as it goes across the wire.”

This is a key feature of the update for large enterprises, financial and federal customers as well as service providers, Krishnan said.

All of the new features complement existing enterprise functionality, including granular VM-level monitoring and reporting and integrated data protection.  Large enterprises that are looking to consolidate multiple applications on the same storage platform will benefit from this update, Krishnan said.

“The four key dimensions that we tend to focus on are performance and capacity, easy scaling, seamless growth, and management simplicity,” Krishnan said. “Everything you see on our roadmap will essentially be enhancements across of these four features.”

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