Nimble Storage Certifies Predictive All Flash Arrays for Use with SAP HANA

Nimble Storage’s Predictive AF-Series All Flash arrays are now certified by SAP as an enterprise storage solution for the SAP HANA platform, enabling Nimble to offer SAP HANA tailored data center integration using its certified solutions.

As a result, Nimble customers can leverage their existing hardware and infrastructure components for their SAP HANA-based environments, providing an additional choice for organizations working in heterogeneous environments.

This certification adds to the SAP HANA certification Nimble previously obtained for its Adaptive Flash CS-Series arrays for use as enterprise storage solutions for the SAP HANA platform.

“This complements our existing certification with the CS-Series so now we have all our products in our existing portfolio certified,” said Ray Austin, solutions marketing manager at Nimble.

According to the company, the Nimble Predictive Flash platform leveraged with SAP HANA allows enterprise IT organizations to quickly deploy and enhance the performance of workloads running on SAP HANA. The Nimble All Flash and Adaptive Flash arrays enable companies to maintain capacity, data protection, and availability in alignment with changing business requirements.

Combined with SAP HANA, SAP solution deployments are accelerated, business response times are improved, and instant SAP system copies can be created with zero-copy cloning, according to Nimble.

The solution will help users integrate with SAP easier by allowing data to cross streams more flexibly.

“We have the idea of unified flash fabric and, with the inclusion of the AF series as a broader family, customers can now seamlessly migrate their data workloads across hybrid arrays as well as all flash arrays and that fits very nicely in what SAP calls ‘dynamic tiering,’ ” Austin said. “It’s kind of a deployment methodology around where to store your hot data, your cold data, and your warm data.”

Storage admins and basis admins that straddle the line between infrastructure and applications will benefit the most from this certification, according to Austin.

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