NoSQL DB Vendor MongoDB Launches On-Demand Training

MongoDB, a provider of a NoSQL database, is offering private training that enterprise subscribers can access through MongoDB University on-demand. MongoDB is an open source company, and because its NoSQL database is fairly new to the market, there is a thirst to know how the technology works, Andrew Erlichson, vice president of education and cloud services, MongoDB, explained in an interview.

“We give away a version of our database to anyone who wants to use it. We are bundling this on-demand education product with the subscription of MongoDB. We give you the support, and make the on-demand education product available as an additional benefit of the enterprise subscription.”

MongoDB’s online courses were first released a year ago, and to date, they have attracted over 100,000 DBA and developers, according to the company. “It was a ‘Field of Dreams’ moment - we built it and they came,” said Erlichson. 

The curriculum consists of four seven-week courses which are offered five times per year, but with the high demand for MongoDB training, businesses wanted the ability to train their employees on their own schedule, notes Erlichson. With the release of private on-demand training, developers and DBAs are able to begin a course at anytime in any time zone and work at their own pace.

Each course comes with a private forum where students from the same company are able to work together on class assignments as well as seek advice from their class instructor. Companies are also able to track the progress of employees using an integrated administration dashboard.

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