NoSQL Data Integration Environment Offered by Queplix for NoSQL Data Sources

Queplix Corp., a provider of data virtualization software, has introduced new Application Software Blades for Hive, HBase and Cassandra. Queplix's Application Software Blades enable the Queplix Virtual Data Manager platform to connect to many different source applications and data. According to the company, the new software blades for NoSQL databases can identify and extract key metadata and associated security information from the data stored within these databases, then bring it into the Queplix Engine to support data integration with other applications.

The Queplix Virtual Data Manager works with NoSQL databases by abstracting object structures from the various data sources, making it possible to create a metadata layer to recreate abstracted business objects. This eliminates having to deal with proprietary data definitions and the need to process large amounts of data in order to make it available for new applications. It also bridges the gap between the relational, object and NoSQL worlds for enterprise customers who have not yet seen any alternative to traditional data integration using legacy tools such as ETL.

Some of the potential applications for the combination of data virtualization and NoSQL databases, says Queplix, include utilizing NoSQL databases for virtual CEP (complex event processing) within Queplix Virtual Metadata Catalog; implementing NoSQL-based virtual data warehouse solutions to provide high availability for large application stores that require massive analytics and semantic data processing;  large-scale virtual master data management initiatives involving enterprise-wide customer or product catalog building; and,  large-scale business intelligence projects based on Queplix Virtual Metadata Catalog.

 In addition to the new Hive, HBase and Cassandra Application Software Blades, Queplix offers blades for customer relationship management applications such as Siebel,,  and other on-premise and cloud-based applications. The company says Application Software Blades will be made available to support business critical functions as Queplix extends its integration capabilities across additional applications.

Separately, Queplix also announced that Coraid Inc., a developer of Ethernet SAN storage solutions, has deployed Queplix Virtual Data Manager to synchronize critical customer data across Salesforce and Netsuite for enhancement of its salesforce automation, enterprise resource management and customer relationship management (CRM) efforts. The synchronization ensures that all Coraid users are consistently working with the best possible data about their most valuable resource - their customers - whether they are using Salesforce or Netsuite.

"Critical legacy systems for ERP and CRM use relational databases.  Newer enterprise applications such as Salesforce and Netsuite only have objects in their cloud - not relational databases. Finally, NoSQL technologies have emerged as the database of choice for the newest web 2.0 applications critical to driving and supporting social media and the broad-scale deployment of ecommerce," Mike Zuckerman, chief marketing officer, Queplix, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  "In any short term, our technology saves considerable deployment cost by bridging the technology gaps to bring these different data sources together rapidly and efficiently.  In the longer term, the strategic decision to enable data liquidity and unlock your most important corporate asset becomes a far more important and strategic to the organization.  That is ultimately the most important benefit of advanced data virtualization technology and Queplix product deployment."

For more information, visit the Queplix website.