NodeSource Secures $17.5 Million in Series B Funding

NodeSource, a technology company specializing in enterprise-grade solutions in support of a sustainable ecosystem for the open source Node.js project, has raised $17.5 million in Series B funding.

The new investment round was provided by Silicon Valley Bank, Industry Ventures and existing investors Crosslink Capital and RRE Ventures. NodeSource says it plans to use the funding to grow its engineering, support and global go-to-market teams.

NodeSource has raised a total of $33.4 million since its founding in 2014, including a $12.5 million Series A round in April 2016 by RRE Ventures, Crosslink Capital and Resolute Ventures and a February 2015 seed round of $3.4 million from Crosslink Capital, Hack VC and Resolute Ventures.

According to NodeSource, its flagship product N|Solid is a compatible enhanced Node.js platform designed for mission-critical enterprise applications and built to meet the needs associated with running server-side JavaScript at scale. N|Solid empowers organizations to develop, manage, secure, and analyze Node.js applications while providing visibility into application behavior and system health, as well as offering configurable security policies and real-time vulnerability scanning. NodeSource’s effective commercialization of Node.js open source technology has attracted customers such as Citadel, Comcast, Condé Nast, Delta Airlines, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, and PayPal.

"Our Node.js solutions are powerful tools for enterprises that need to run mission-critical applications on JavaScript," commented NodeSource Founder and CEO Joe McCann. "The market potential is significant, and this Series B investment from our partners at Crosslink Capital, Industry Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank and RRE Ventures further validates the strategy behind N|Solid and NodeSource Certified Modules (NCM), which is all about empowering organizations to successfully adopt, operationalize and scale Node.js to drive digital transformation initiatives."

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