Node.js Driver for MongoDB Now Supported by 10gen

10gen, the company behind MongoDB, has announced its support for MongoDB with Node.js. This includes an official Node.js driver as well as commercial support from 10gen for MongoDB-backed applications developed with Node.js. Node.js joins the existing set of programming languages and environments 10gen supports, including Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python, C++, C, Perl, Scala, Haskell and Erlang. Launched in 2009 and sponsored by Joyent, JavaScript-based Node.js is designed to help developers build data-intensive, real-time applications that support large numbers of concurrent users and devices.

According to MongoDB, its support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)-like data structures enables Node.js developers to rapidly build applications, from the database tier to the user interface, using JavaScript - the de facto language of the web. In addition, MongoDB says, the ease-of-use, combined with the scalability offered by both Node.js and MongoDB, will make this software stack a strong platform for development real-time, data-rich web and mobile applications.

Joyent and 10gen are also working together to help move the Node.js and MongoDB stack forward by providing project stewardship, best practices and support for large deployments.

"In many ways, MongoDB and Node.js have grown up together over the years, and watching both developer groups grow into influential, vibrant communities has been impressive," said Steve Francia, chief evangelist at 10gen. "10gen is fully committed to supporting the thriving ecosystem for both technologies and working with Joyent to help developers create innovative new applications."

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