Noetix Generator for Tableau Simplifies Access to Oracle EBS Data for Operational and Strategic Reporting

In order to help automate and simplify access to data within Oracle E-Business Suite for operational and strategic reporting, Magnitude Software, a provider of enterprise information management (EIM) software, has introduced Noetix Generator for Tableau, a solution that improves the ability of Tableau users to perform their own analysis and reporting on data within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

According to Noetix, although BI vendors strive to facilitate user-driven reporting from enterprise applications by providing generic report templates, often these tools still require a significant amount of manual effort to map the technical metadata to business terminology in order to make sense to users who are trying to find their data.

Based on expertise in delivering simplified mappings of the data structures within Oracle EBS in the form of business views and analytics models, Noetix Generator helps uses leverage Tableau by providing simple, intuitive access to rich business metadata for operational and strategic reporting, according to Jay Shipley, senior director of Engineering at Magnitude Software. 

Noetix translates the data access complexities into familiar, easy-to-use business views, providing the ideal reporting foundation for BI initiatives.  For real-time operational reporting, Noetix Generator for Tableau enables direct access to Oracle EBS data in the transaction system with NoetixViews, providing users with the most complete and up-to-date real-time information.  For strategic reporting needs, Noetix Generator for Tableau provides access to the information in the packaged data warehouse using Noetix Analytics.  Historical trending information is immediately available, along with summarized, pre-aggregated metrics allowing for complex strategic analysis.

  • Key features in Noetix Generator for Tableau for Tableau administrators include standardized, business-friendly access to Oracle EBS data via the Noetix Connector for Tableau, secure connectivity to Oracle EBS data through users’ existing accounts via the Noetix ODBC driver, and simplified administration of multiple business intelligence tools with minimal IT involvement.
  • Key features inNoetix Generator for Tableau for Tableau users include simplified self-service access to Oracle EBS data, business-friendly names for view and table columns, and pre-defined joins and view relationships and hierarchies.

Noetix Generator for Tableau adds to the Noetix Generator family of products, which includes Noetix Generator for QlikView, NoetixGenerator for SAPBusinessObjects, NoetixGenerator for IBM Cognos BI, Noetix Generator for Oracle BI, NoetixGenerator for Oracle Discoverer, Noetix Generator for Microsoft Business Intelligence, and Noetix Generator for IBI WebFOCUS.  With each of these products the goal is to enable users to more easily and effectively access their BI data and create custom reports without IT assistance.

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