Noetix Introduces Noetix Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite

Noetix Corp., a software provider that automatically generates business intelligence content from enterprise applications, recently introduced Noetix Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite, a packaged analytics solution that greatly speeds the process of implementing a data warehouse. Noetix has been providing content for real-time reporting for Oracle applications for 15 years, and the addition of packaged analytics now enables them to deliver an end-to-end business intelligence solution for Oracle applications.

"Noetix Analytics is an ideal complement to our existing products such as Noetix Views and Noetix Generator," Daryl Orts, vice president of engineering technologies for Noetix, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Noetix Views enables specific database views to be created on top of Oracle databases, which can then be used for real-time operational reporting and ad hoc queries. Noetix Generator enables other business intelligence platforms to work with Noetix Views. Now, Noetix Analytics, based on our recent acquisition of Jaros Technologies, enables historical analysis and trend reporting to complement the real-time query capability of Noetix Views."

Noetix Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite delivers an affordable, packaged analytics option for Oracle Applications customers that reduces the manual effort required to execute a data warehouse strategy. It is based on a data warehouse architecture and manages performance, scalability, and data integration requirements for customers using Oracle and non-Oracle applications. It uses best practice packaged data models, reports, and dashboards along with pre-built ETL for Oracle E-Business Suite to speed implementations and reduce costs. And Noetix Analytics embraces an open architecture, integrating data from third-party or legacy applications, thereby supplying users with an enterprise-wide view. Lastly, the technology has an active metadata repository that defines Noetix Analytics and provides the dynamic framework for customizing and extending the solution as the customer's needs change over time through reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

The product can be purchased as a standalone solution or complement to the rest of the Noetix suite of products and is generally available now.

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