Noetix Introduces Noetix Generator 2.0 for Oracle Business Intelligence

Noetix Corp., a software provider that automatically generates business intelligence (BI) content from enterprise applications, introduced Noetix Generator 2.0 for Oracle Business Intelligence, making it faster and easier to roll out reporting to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (OBI EE) and Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One end users. 

This new version of Noetix Generator for Oracle BI, announced this week at COLLABORATE 09, is now integrated with NoetixAnswers, pre-built reports that answer hundreds of common business questions "out-of-the-box" without the need to map data locations or write SQL code.

Noetix Generator for Oracle BI automatically creates the Enterprise Information Model for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, and publishes this information for end-user reporting and ad hoc query within the Oracle BI repository.  Report authors and query users can instantly access their application data through logical business views that include complex joins and business-friendly terminology.  The result, according to Noetix, is an immediately accessible self-service reporting environment that includes automatically generated pre-built reports with charts and graphs within Oracle BI Answers and Oracle Interactive Dashboards.

Noetix provides support for more than 30 of the most popular Oracle EBS applications spanning Financials, Discrete Manufacturing and Process Manufacturing, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, HR, Benefits, Payroll, and many others, giving users answers to their most commonly asked business questions.

In addition, Noetix shields reports and queries from the impact of application upgrades and patches by remapping the views to accommodate any changes in the underlying database.  This saves Oracle customers time and money that would otherwise be spent rewriting reports.

This gives customers a quick return on the investment that they have already made in OBI EE because they can immediately start getting to their data, Daryl Orts, vice president of Engineering Technologies at Noetix, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We don't require a data warehouse. Instead, the NoetixViews provide a window into the data in the transaction system, and then the Noetix Generator loads that model into OBI EE so you can immediately start reporting."

In this economy, customers find that they can't start long multi-million-dollar projects, Orts notes. "Their management and their users want to get return quickly and they want to get value from investments that they have already made."

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