Noetix Supports Social Security Administration Migration in Move to Oracle Release 12

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has chosen Noetix software to automatically handle the conversions and database re-mappings required with new Oracle applications releases.  With support from Noetix Corp., a software provider that automatically generates business intelligence (BI) content from enterprise applications, the SSA had the tools and technology required to meet deadlines and stay ahead of schedule during its recent migration to Oracle Release 12.

In June of 2008, SSA commenced an enterprise-wide migration from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i to Release 12. According to Noetix, SSA had been using another product for its financial reporting and had manually built a customized end user layer (EUL) for that tool, a process that involved multiple joins to appropriately map the data within Oracle 11i to SSA's customized BI reporting environment.

Realizing that the Oracle upgrade was going to change the database join structures significantly and would require a rewrite of most of the original mappings, the SSA project team reviewed their processes and decided to look for a solution which provided maintenance on those joins as part of the product.

SSA began the Noetix implementation in January 2009 and completed it in April, a few months before the overall Oracle Release 12 migration was finalized. Because SSA was using Noetix to manage the cross-over from old folders in Oracle 11i to new folders in Release 12, the project team was able to start rewriting the reports in Noetix ahead of schedule and before the migration was finalized.  This allowed the team to extend the time it had to rewrite the reports and reduce the risk during the upgrade conversion by having them automatically work in the new version.

"Organizations that select NoetixViews as the foundation of their operational reporting solution streamline access to Oracle application data during the report development process, and then continue to benefit from report protection against data structure changes inherent in the upgrade to Oracle Release 12," said Pat Roche, vice president of engineering applications at Noetix.  "Noetix largely eliminates the need to rework reports during Oracle upgrades and minimizes the disruptions to essential reporting functions that a migration could cause."

For information about NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite: Release 12, go here.