Noname Recon Yields Anticipatory and Rapid Cyber Defense

Noname Security, the provider of complete and proactive API security, is launching Noname Recon, aiding users in quickly locating and resolving issues through a cyber attack reconnaissance simulation. Emphasizing its lack of need for integrations, installations, or implementations, Noname Security targets the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.

According to API Security trends in 2022, 76% of surveyed participants stated they had an API security incident in the past year. As Noname Security puts it, the realm of cybercrime only continues to adapt, grow, and attack, particularly aiming its threats at APIs. While cyber threats can occur in various parts of a technological network, APIs are the most common attack vector employed by malicious state and non-state actors, according to the company.

“One of the best ways to prevent a cyber attack is to stay ahead of cybercriminals. With APIs creating thousands of potential entry points to an organization, it’s no surprise that many hackers look to take advantage of these potential vulnerabilities,” said Shay Levi, co-founder and CTO at Noname Security. “How do you beat a hacker? Think like them. With Recon, we’ve made it easy to identify potential vulnerabilities and exploitable intelligence by simulating attacker reconnaissance, so customers can use that information to better protect themselves.”

Noname Recon, the latest addition to Noname Security’s API Security Platform, defends against cyber threats through easily found public exposures, accelerated vulnerability fixes, and active breach prevention.

Recon allows users to automatically discover public APIs, domains, and vulnerabilities, including “shadow domains,” as well as locating exploitable intelligence within their environments. Users can better understand attack paths in their systems and monitor for API and domain changes, illuminating risk points for public exposure.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and now foresight is too, according to the vendor. Recon reduces risks and eliminates weaknesses prior to exploitation, empowering its users to make informed decisions about which issues to resolve first. The program can dramatically reduce resolution time of high-severity issues, shrinking from weeks or months to hours or days, according to the company.

Recon’s strength is its sense of continuous protection; assets such as customer data, personally identifiable information (PII), internal documentation, intellectual property, regulatory standing, and more are consistently scanned and protected, automatically. Users can also automate policy enforcement, further enhancing the ability to avoid regulatory fines or reputational damage with Recon’s ongoing monitoring, scanning, and protection.

Noname Recon joins the fold of Noname’s comprehensive API security portfolio, ranging from their Discovery to Posture Management solutions, as well as Runtime Protection and Active Testing. The company highlights its focus on ease, speed, and agility throughout its API Security Platform to ensure quick adoption by their customers and an even stronger defense against cybercrime.

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