Normalyze Extends its DSPM Platform to Protect On-Prem and Hybrid Cloud Data

Normalyze, the cloud data security company, is unveiling new additions to its data security posture management platform (DSPM), extending its area of coverage to protect hybrid cloud deployments and on-premises environments. Emphasizing both unification and visibility, the extension of the already comprehensive data security platform will increase IT and security teams’ understanding of their data attack surface from a single location, according to the company.

Visibility is a critical component of data security; for those operating in on-premises or hybrid environments, achieving true visibility has been a challenge.

“While the growth of cloud is really high, the amount of time that people have stored and proliferated data in on-prem environments—just due to the sheer number of years in which these have been developed, and especially in the larger companies—makes the volume [of data] really, really huge,” said Ravi Ithal, founder and CTO of Normalyze.

Oftentimes, this vast quantity of data, or a portion of it, is relegated to an on-prem location.

“That makes it super important that [our] data security solution can handle on-prem data, [and] not just restrict ourselves to cloud,” continued Ithal.

Normalyze users are now empowered to evaluate and protect the entirety of their data landscapes, regardless of where it resides. This extension of coverage enables security teams to identify all sensitive content in their on-premises database deployments, as well as locate and prioritize data exposure risks—including anomalous activity and duplicated data.

Additionally, users can attribute monetary value to sensitive data risks, inviting a deeper understanding of how a sensitive data threat will directly impact the business.

“A lot of our competitors stop at visibility or stop at individual features that are built for cloud only,” remarked Ithal. “But our vision is to do data-first cloud security to help security teams. What that means is, you start with visibility of what type of data you have, you take all that that involves, not just cloud, but on-prem, and maybe even endpoints in the far future.”

Centralizing IT and security processes are a large driver in Normalyze’s approach to data security. The announced capabilities continue to unify the operations that many security teams, often left with disparate and differing tools, are faced with.

“Most of the vendors pick a small sliver of the problem and they solve it, and there are [for example] 3000 such vendors. On the other end, now he [the IT or security professional] has 3000 different tools to buy and make sure they interoperate and integrate,” Ithal explained.

These new capabilities available for on-premise and hybrid environments build on top of Normalyze’s existing features, which include:

  • Data discovery and classification
  • Data access governance paired with full visibility into access configurations and granular privileges
  • Prioritization of data exposure risks based on their monetary impact
  • Customizable sensitive data classifiers, policies, and queries

In terms of its ease of use, Ithal emphasized that, “Once we connect to the data, it is very seamless. You can operate everything from the cloud from the Normalyze cloud portal.”

On-premise and hybrid cloud coverage within Normalyze is now available with the latest product update.

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