Northwell Health Uses Oracle Cloud

Oracle has announced that Northwell Health, one of the largest health systems in New York, turned to Oracle Analytics Cloud to optimize patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Oracle, Northwell Health is able to monitor available nursing resources, predict upcoming staffing needs and accommodate a continually shifting patient load.

Northwell Health operates 23 hospitals with a combined 75,000 employees across New York and treats more than 2 million patients annually. In the fight against COVID-19, every minute counts and having quick access to astronomical amounts of data combined with powerful analytics to enable visibility into rapidly changing patient loads and staffing requirements has given Northwell Health the necessary speed to optimize patient care. In order to not be overburdened with an influx of infected patients, Northwell Health quickly consolidates disparate data sources from Oracle and non-Oracle applications to automate fundamental administrative processes and prepare the organization for a possible future resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

“We realized we needed a better way to calculate staffing needs and manage our search for staff so we could maximize patient safety,” said Elina Petrillo, assistant vice president, HR Technology, Northwell Health. “We were able to quickly—in less than a month—create an analytics dashboard with Oracle Analytics Cloud. Our dashboard for staffing is an actionable dashboard providing automated insight into our staffing picture during times of crisis and beyond. With a real-time-staffing dashboard we were able to more efficiently deploy over 700 agency nurses to sites where they are most needed.”

Northwell Health also uses Oracle Cloud HCM including payroll, core HR, benefits, recruitment, compensation, talent management, learning and help desk modules to enable one system of truth for Northwell’s HR leaders. Centralizing data into a unified platform has not only created value for HR, nursing leadership, and front-line managers but also helped Northwell’s internal agency manage agency nurses and control spending.

Before implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud, Northwell Health’s data was decentralized and managed by individual hospitals. Analysts used spreadsheets to crunch data and help administrators understand staffing shortages at each hospital and unit. Using Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Northwell is able to automate the process of pulling data from their scheduling platform and marry staffing scheduling data with data about the number of patients at their hospitals. Through an HR dashboard, chief nursing officers and HR leaders can stay up to date on patient inflows, recruitment and resource requirements, and clinical leaders can use the data to deploy additional staff for optimized patient care.

To further increase their productivity levels, Northwell Health also uses Oracle’s mobile capabilities to extend secure access to employees via their smart phones and tablets. This is especially important to help ensure that additional critical care nurses and respiratory therapists are available and on the floor for each shift as planned.

More information is available about Oracle Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Oracle Analytics.