Novell Introduces First File Management Suite Based on Identity and Policy

Novell announced the release of an integrated file storage solution that provisions, moves, optimizes and reports on file storage based on user roles and customized business policies. The solution, Novell File Management Suite, enables organizations, regardless of operating system or existing storage management solution, to intelligently manage file storage at its source, tying the file to the user for the entire data lifecycle, the vendor says. This helps address storage costs as well as data compliance requirements.

Novell File Management Suite supports unstructured data in files such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and PowerPoint slides, and offers three specific products to manage them. The first, Novell Storage Manager, automates routine user and file storage management tasks throughout the data lifecycle, enabling IT resources to focus on more mission-critical projects. The second product, Novell Dynamic File Services, tiers files and folders based on customizable policies. The third, Novell File Reporter, inventories file systems to uncover storage chaos, so that organizations can design more efficient file storage infrastructures based on identity-driven policies.

"Novell Dynamic File Services allows administrators to establish automated policies to move older, lesser-used files to less-expensive secondary storage, but enables the end-user to still see and access the files in the same folder they have always been in," Ross Chevalier, CTO of Novell, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "This makes the movement of the files to secondary storage transparent to the end user while giving administrators the flexibility to set policies regarding when the movement will occur. Also, once a user does access a file that has previously been moved to secondary storage, Dynamic File Services will automatically move it back to primary storage for faster access and backup, all without any impact to the end user."

Novell File Management Suite is currently available and can be licensed as a complete package or just as individual components. For more information, go here.