Novetta and Hortonworks Provide Visibility into Relationships Across Enterprise Hadoop Data

Novetta Identity Analytics has achieved Hortonworks Certification, and Novetta has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program. According to the companies, the combination of Novetta Identity Analytics with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides business analysts with faster access to enterprise data to enable data-driven decisions based on the unification of entities and their relationships.

Novetta will work to enable and accelerate the deployment of the modern data architecture, integrating with the Hortonworks Data Platform, a Hadoop distribution architected for enterprise-grade deployments.

As one of the first native and YARN Ready Apache Hadoop entity resolution and analysis software products, "Novetta Identity Analytics is a great match for the Hortonworks Data Platform," said Jim Cushman, senior vice president at Novetta. "Through our partnership, organizations can jumpstart their existing business intelligence applications and warehouse investments."

Novetta Identity Analytics preserves data integrity, and allows multiple teams and processes to derive value from the same data by providing a central, multi-dimensional view of the entities across the data silos - people, locations, organizations, assets, products, events - and uncovering the relationships within and among those entities to support use cases such as customer intimacy, churn prediction, risk profiling, and fraud analysis and detection.

Novetta Identity Analytics uses an adaptive process to unify all types of data, regardless of schema. Users no longer need to move or alter their data; they can now connect the dots between vast sets of Enterprise-wide data in their Data Lake.

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