Ntirety CEO Mike Corey Earns Dual Honors as Expert in Virtualized Databases

Ntirety’s CEO and founder, Michael Corey, has been named both an Oracle ACE and a VMware vExpert. Corey was independently selected for both designations because of his expertise and his public advocacy for Oracle databases and contributions to the VMware community of users.

The VMware vExpert title is given annually to individuals, not employers, for their commitment to sharing knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.  The Oracle ACE Program recognizes individuals for advocating the company’s technology and applications and is based on the significance of their contributions and activity in the Oracle database community.

“The future of computing technology is virtualization,” Corey tells 5 Minute Briefing, citing its benefits in business agility and business continuity. While 10 or 20 years ago, it was enough for a DBA to be a good technologist, now DBAs must understand the business and relate technology to the business, says Corey, noting, “an entrepreneur, author, blogger and recognized expert on relational databases, remote database administration and data warehousing, “Virtualization is good technology from a business perspective and it is also great from a technology perspective.”

Corey, who says he has become an evangelist for both Oracle and VMware as the right solution for Ntirety’s customers, founded Ntirety, a company that provides database administration as a service, in April 2001.  A resident of Milton, Massachusetts, he is a frequent speaker at technology conferences worldwide and has written numerous articles and books on topics such as SQL Server Data Warehousing, Oracle Databases and Oracle Data Warehousing.  In addition to sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm through his writing, Corey has also been a founder and active member of more than a dozen Oracle associations and industry user groups.

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