Ntirety Completes MSPAlliance Unified Certification Standard Audit

Ntirety, Inc. announced that it has been successfully audited and certified under the MSPAlliance's (MSPA) Unified Certification Standard for Cloud and Managed Service Providers (UCS).  The certification is specifically designed to provide business consumers of cloud and managed services with the assurance that the service provider they hire will meet or exceed the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services practices, and customer satisfaction.

Ntirety is one of the first database management specialist companies to complete an industry standard audit that measures a company's ability to provide quality services through the cloud, says Michael Corey, Ntirety founder and CEO.  

"Our focus is more than just managing the database," Corey tells 5 Minute Briefing. "We are the database experts, and that means that you can trust us helping with your application, helping with your disk I/O system, and helping you with your network." In addition, he notes, "we are very good at virtualizing databases on VMware. Many clients want to take advantage of virtualization technology to save money, for business continuity, and better response to their customer base, but there are not a lot of experts that know how to put those two pieces together properly yet. I think of the database as the hub, the center of the business, and all these other things around it are necessary if we are going to properly support our clients."

Clients that select a company that is part of the UCS are assured that their IT solution provider has met and exceeded requirements for physical and virtual security, as well as business and financial stability, and  has taken reasonable steps to assure that the client’s IT needs will be safely and professionally addressed. The UCS audit is performed by Frost, PLLC, a third-party accounting firm.

Ntirety will do this certification annually, and also plans to do the new SAS 70, as well as the European certification.  "We are going to have what I call the two traditional financial standards and then the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud and Managed Service Providers on top of all that," says Corey.

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