Ntirety Introduces NsureDB

Ntirety has launched a new, entry-level database service plan that offers 24x7 crash alerts and troubleshooting to quickly get businesses and databases back up and running, along with continuous backup monitoring and extensive reporting services. The new service plan is called NsureDB and delivers immediate alerts of down databases and dispatches Ntirety's experts to quickly remedy the problem.

Ntirety is a leading provider of database administration as a service, and has U.S.-based professionals that leverage best-of-breed technologies at an affordable monthly cost to monitor, manage and optimize customers' Oracle, Microsoft, and MySQL databases. Ntirety had previously released a database administration appliance called Ntrust that comes equipped with a suite of administration tools such as a database heartbeat process, log analyzers, and backup assurance. The new NsureDB services leverages the Ntrust appliance and has been designed with cost-conscious companies in mind.

"The new NsureDB service is a DBA's best friend. It is an entry-level service for DBA augmentation that provides rapid response by Ntirety's experts to quickly fix down databases," Michael Corey, CEO and founder of Ntirety, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The service plan includes the placing of the Ntrust appliance on the customer's site, which then connects to Ntirety's network operations center. The appliance then monitors all database activities and alerts Ntirety experts when a down database needs to be repaired. Because it is an entry-level offering, the service level provided is of a reactive nature, bringing in Ntirety experts to fix a problem after it has occurred. For customers who want proactive, preventative monitoring, there are also gold and platinum DBA as a service offerings that provide this higher level of support."

NsureDB is available to customers running Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases and includes installation of the Ntrust database appliance or the provisioning of a cloud-compatible, virtual version of Ntrust, available only from Ntirety. It places state-of-the-art monitoring and best-of-breed tools and reporting at the ready for Ntirety's North American-based DBAs to remotely repair customer databases quickly and securely. The Nsure DB service includes an initial audit of database and application health and performance, constant monitoring and instant alerts of down databases, rapid response 24x7x365 by Ntirety's DBAs to quickly fix down databases, and automated daily, weekly and monthly reporting services.

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