Ntirety Introduces Updated Ntrust for Secure, Remote Database Administration

Ntirety Inc., which provides both software tools/appliances and database experts to proactively monitor, manage, and optimize customer's Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL databases, has released Ntrust version 4, the newest generation of its proprietary database administration platform that enables Ntirety to remotely and securely service customers' databases. With the version 4 release, Ntrust is now available as either a physical appliance that resides at a client's site or as a virtualized offering to meet the needs of customers utilizing cloud computing.

"The virtualized appliance is simply a file download that customers install on a server at their company location," Michael Corey, CEO and founder of Ntirety, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Ntirety has virtualized its entire back-end infrastructure to enable it to provide this virtualized service to customers. This aligns well with other virtualization efforts that customers are implementing, including server and storage virtualization. This also supports the trend of having customers put their data in virtualized private clouds."

The Ntrust platform acts as a gateway and toolbox for Ntirety's database administrators, who proactively and securely monitor and maintain customer databases non-stop. Utilized exclusively by Ntirety's DBAs, the company explains that Ntrust ensures that customers' proprietary data stays proprietary.

Whether virtual or physical, the benefits of the Ntrust database appliance include security, performance, tracking, and compliance. The appliance is secure because no confidential data ever leaves a customer's office when Ntirety is remotely servicing the database. Ntrust allows Ntirety's DBAs to securely log into a customer's database with full accountability. Regarding performance, Ntrust ensures that the performance monitoring of a client's environment is never stealing valuable CPU cycles from customer production applications. Also associated with performance, Ntrust provides database tracking which gives valuable insight into database use and trends, ensuring a customer's databases and applications run optimally. And lastly, Ntrust and Ntirety's Database Administration as a Service meet compliance standards, such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX.

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