NuoDB 2.6 Allows Users to Scale out Modern Cloud Applications

NuoDB is releasing NuoDB 2.6, an update that will enable customers to elastically scale out their modern cloud applications as part of their digital transformation efforts.

NuoDB 2.6 enables organizations to maximize their AWS investments including better availability, utilization, performance, and resiliency.

The update introduces table partitions and storage groups to efficiently improve performance. New NuoDB Storage Groups, also available with this release, enables customers to scale out the storage layer while maintaining a single, unified database view.

NuoDB 2.6 natively supports active deployment across AWS availability zones and  does not require additional software, supports both read and write access from multiple hosts and maintains ACID compliance.

Customers can maximize availability and performance of their applications while also optimizing AWS infrastructure utilization and guarding against process, server, and data center failures.

NuoDB 2.6 adds to features delivered in NuoDB 2.5 to make it easier for organizations to migrate applications built on traditional databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL to NuoDB’s elastic SQL database.

“The demand for cloud applications has never been higher as organizations rapidly modernize their infrastructure to keep pace with customer requirements,” said Ariff Kassam, vice president of products at NuoDB. “With this latest release we not only address the immediate need for an elastic SQL database that can support and streamline application efforts, but we also provide a modern foundation for organizations transforming their infrastructure to support their business goals and competitive advantage as they move into the future.”

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