NuoDB Makes Available Release Candidate 1 and NuoConnect Partner Program

Cloud database startup NuoDB, Inc. has announced the availability of their Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for immediate download, marking the end of the company’s year-long private beta trial. SQL-compliant, NuoDB guarantees ACID transactions and scales elastically in the cloud or on premises. Offering high performance and efficient resource utilization, the solution uses an asynchronous, peer-to-peer model. NuoDB will be offered in two editions: Community and Pro. The Community Edition is a free-forever version for smaller-scale applications, while the Pro Edition is designed to support applications with that require high levels of transactions per second and currency, as well as in databases in which uptime is essential.

NuoDB RC1 includes new features and improvements over previous beta versions of the software. “There’s more support for third party tools and applications. We have a new node.JS driver, so anybody developing on node.JS can download our driver; it’s open source and available on GitHub,” Wiquar Chaudry, NuoDB’s director of product marketing and technology evangelist, tells 5 Minute Briefing. NuoDB RC1 also features a rolling upgrades model for upgrading hardware which allows users to, “Upgrade the existing database installation to future versions without having to take the database down,” Chaudry explains. A tunable commit protocol enables users to specify where and when transactions are durable, and the NuoConsole is a web-based management tool that provides customers with a single, centralized view of all their databases.

NuoDB has also announced NuoConnect, a developer partner program for technology partners, IT service and consulting firms, ISVs, and cloud providers. This program offers free NuoDB software for development, testing, training, and demos. “We’re very aggressively pursuing partnerships with our database. If you reach out to us and want to become either a reseller or an OEM partner, this is the way to do it,” Chaudry states.  

Release candidates for the NuoDB Pro and Community Editions are available now. The software will be made generally available in 30-60 days. Visit to learn more.