NuoDB Partners with Guardtime to Improve Data Management on a Global Scale

NuoDB and Guardtime have formed an alliance to eliminate the confines and issues of sharing data on a global scale. NuoDB was launched in 2010 with a new take on the traditional relational database. Guardtime assurance products are designed to sign and authenticate API packages with proof of time, authenticity and identity.  Both organizations share the common bond of trying to make data and intellectual property safe when that information is not confined to a certain geographical space.

According to Guardtime, its Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) provides webscale, mathematical certainty that an enterprise’s infrastructure is in the correct state and alerting when it is not. NuoDB is a distributed database designed for global application deployment. It is a single, logical database that provides consistency both within a single data center and across data centers to support running a database across physically separate geographic regions. In particular, the two companies will be working together to simplify the maintenance of a global audit log, as well as key management, with specific multiple keys in multiple geographies.

Businesses are expanding and becoming more global thus data is typically not being stored in one central point. With the data spread out it, it becomes more vulnerable to hackers, the companies say.  Right now, there is no solution to securely track data when it is not geographically confined.

Guardtime is not the only company that is able to certify an enterprise’s infrastructure, but it does possess some very proprietary technology that attracted NuoDB, said Seth Proctor, CTO of NuoDB. “One of the key things they are doing is looking at this from a keyless point of view,” he noted. By removing the key management aspect of scaling out, it allows for something to be built more effectively and resilient.

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