Nutanix Flow Delivers SDN to Secure Apps with a Single Click

Nutanix, provider of enterprise cloud computing, has released Nutanix Flow, a software-defined networking (SDN) security solution built for the multi-cloud era. Flow provides application-centric security to protect against internal and external threats not detected by traditional perimeter-oriented security products. Flow capabilities are integrated into Nutanix’s Acropolis software and will also be enhanced with real-time application visibility and discovery technology from the company’s recent acquisition of Netsil. 

According to the vendor, enterprise IT teams are turning to cloud-based infrastructure to deliver today’s modern business applications, many of which are built from discrete but interconnected services. Protecting these applications requires the micro-segmentation capabilities of Nutanix Flow, which enforces app-centric policies that govern communications between individual application services.

Nutanix will also leverage Netsil’s advanced stream processing, application discovery, and mapping technology to simplify security policy definition for applications running in both public and private clouds. The result, the company says, will enable IT teams and business owners to have greater confidence that their business applications are protected from both internal and external security threats.

According to Harjot Gill, sr. director, product & engineering, Nutanix, the next frontier of networking is about providing customers with visibility into their networks so they can track and analyze data, improve cloud application performance, and optimize their resources. Nutanix Flow is built into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, giving application owners an at-a-glance view of network performance and availability per application; providing granular control and governance for all application traffic to protect sensitive workloads and data; integrating additional network functions from multiple Nutanix Ready ecosystem partners into a single networking policy; and streamlining and automating common network configuration changes, like VLAN configuration or load balancer policy modifications, based on application lifecycle events for VMs running on Nutanix AHV.

Nutanix Flow is available now, and additional network visibility and app discovery capabilities based on recently-acquired Netsil technology are in development.

For more information about Nutanix Flow, go to the Nutanix website