Nyriad Debuts UltraIO-as-a-Service, Designed to Take the Mystery out of Storage Consumption

Nyriad, the provider of the world’s first GPU-accelerated storage system, is unveiling UltraIO-as-a-Service, an on-prem Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solution designed to address various organizational challenges—such as budget constraints, the rapid proliferation of data, lack of IT talent, operational complexity, and sustainability guidelines—while delivering on agility, ease of use, and billing simplicity.

Built on top of UltraIO’s storage system—which offers consistent performance, fail-safe data availability, and true management simplicity—UltraIO-as-a-Service focuses its efficacy on capacity flexibility, billing simplicity, and operational simplicity.

UltraIO-as-a-Service delivers real-time flexibility to increase the Reserve Capacity as business needs change, enabling enterprises to take advantage of lower Reserve Rates.

Additionally, customers can scale the Reserve Capacity as needed, all while simultaneously offering an On-demand Capacity amount equal to or greater than the Reserve Capacity. This enables users to deploy new workloads at an accelerated rate without needing to implement new contracts or capacity deployments and gives them the choice of how they want to divvy up storage for different data types.

Nyriad’s solution also integrates with an ecosystem of third-party file systems and software solutions, fitting to an organization’s unique tech stack. UltraIO-as-a-Service offers proactive support with service-level agreements (SLAs) and enables customers to subscribe to a single storage system for block, file, and object data types, reducing overall cost and operational complexity.

“Many other vendors need two or three storage platforms to deliver those three data types [ block, file, and object],” said Andrew Russell, chief revenue officer at Nyriad. “That’s the first way we’re able to simplify this, because we have a single platform that handles all three.”

These capabilities are centralized under a tenet of billing simplicity, ensuring that customers are not overwhelmed with pricing while they use UltraIO-as-a-Service.

The solution delivers comprehensive reporting for increased visibility into storage consumption and system usage, monthly, on-demand price per GB that is the same as the Reserve pricing, and billing based on the capacity used. Without premiums, overage charges, and complex billing, UltraIO-as-a-Service customers can leverage the solution with financial peace of mind, according to the company.

By utilizing a combination of GPUs, CPUs, and advanced erasure coding techniques, UltraIO-as-a-Service delivers a high efficiency ratio of usable raw capacity at a low TCO, according to Nyraid. This not only reduces the time it takes to execute complex projects, but also reduces carbon footprint.

“The simplicity—reducing the risk and taking the complexity out [is something to be excited about],” said Russell. “There really isn’t a need for consumers to have to sift through all the different complexity of models and options out there. Put some of that back on the vendor to…demystify all of that and make it simple.”

“This really is a simple to understand, simple to use, simple to consume offering,” he concluded. 

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