OAUG Announces Launch of New Website

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest knowledgebase for Oracle Applications users, has launched its new website, which now incorporates a more user-oriented design and facilitates navigation from page to page. With a new homepage featuring bold graphics, concisely captioned links and headlines, as well as an automatic slide reel of the latest news, events and learning and networking opportunities OAUG has to offer, the new website showcases the resources that are valued by its members, while also providing a more aesthetic approach and user-friendly navigation tools.

"The new OAUG website is a more accurate reflection of our ability to keep up with the constantly changing online landscape," states David Ferguson, president of the OAUG. "Our priority throughout the entire redesign process was, as it has always been, to better serve our loyal Oracle Applications users and to create a helpful environment in which our online visitors, returning and new, can easily find what they are looking for." For more information about the OAUG, visit the new website.