OAUG Board Picks New President - Margaret Wright

The board of directors of the Oracle Applications Users Group has elected Margaret Wright as its 2013 president and also chosen the organization’s executive committee.

Wright, who has been a member of the OAUG since 2002, had previously served in various leadership roles at the OAUG, including as executive vice president in 2012. 

In her position as president, Wright chairs the 2013 OAUG executive committee which is responsible for the group’s strategic planning process and direction. The executive committee also includes Alyssa Johnson, who is president-elect, Peter Gee, who is treasurer, and Christine Hipp, who is secretary.

In addition to Wright, Johnson, Gee, and Hipp, the OAUG board of directors this year includes Danica Bartolf, Mark C. Clark, Patricia Dues, Melissa English, Joseph Imbimbo, Kaberi Nayak, Tammy Norton, Donna Rosentrater, and Rob Tudor.

More details are available from the OAUG website at