OCP TECH Forms Partnership with Oracle to Grow its Digital Transformation Capabilities

OCP TECH, a provider of integral technological solutions, is forming a strategic partnership with Oracle, enabling OCP TECH to grow its operations in the United States.

OCP TECH is an American company with global operations surpassing 150 million dollars a year. It unifies many companies under one umbrella, and has offices in Latin America.

The alliance is part of the tech company’s larger strategy to build the growing demand for its services, and to meet its clients' evolving needs in this new international scenario on the path to the digital transformation, already underway.

"The partnership with Oracle allows us to offer our clients first class solutions and, in doing so, accompany their processes of digital transformation—making them more competitive through technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence, mobile devices, data analysis, and business applications for the cloud, among others,” said Marcelo Herrera, chief strategic officer at OCP TECH.

OCP TECH has distinguished itself by implementing the technological infrastructure and developing  software currently serving cities, schools, and consumer goods companies, with a long history of work in the region.

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